Culture-Terrasse is the meeting point for all terrace lovers: public, free, cosmopolitan, and open to everyone. Hedonistic foodies and social commentators, greasy spoon owners and restaurant luminaries, this space is yours. Display your favourite street cafés and pub gardens, share your experience, do your bit for the advancement of culture on the terrace – and of terrace culture.

The terrace (in its continental sense – any open air space where you can enjoy a drink and a chat, dine alfresco or just nurse your coffee while enjoying the view) is an edge with an edge. It is a margin, a threshold between public and private space, a changeover point between indoors and outdoors. The terrace is an invitation to discovery. Open and welcoming, the terrace is the fecund stage on which life’s simple joys are played over and over. Culture-Terrasse celebrates terrace life under every angle, at all latitudes.

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